Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Road Tripping To Nashville

We started our Spring Break a little early. Friday, March the 24, we skipped school and headed to Nashville. We let Sophie Clare pick between Nashville and Chattanooga. I think she chose well. ;-) 

The way she entertains herself. 

It was kinda chilly, very windy and kinda looked like rain. We decided to go to Dave and Buster's to play some games. We all had a very good time playing and getting competitive. 

A friendly game of Air Hockey. 

That the face of a winner. haha 

Then of course we had to do the trampoline. 

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. 
It is a super fun place to eat. 

This girl ate all of her food. 
She is such a good little eater. 

Now let's head to our hotel. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back In March..............

We had a nerf war.........


I want to remember this sweet face forever and always. 

Went to the movies with friends to see Beauty and The Beast.

We love having the Dollar General close by.  

This girl loves to play!
 We went to the park one afternoon and this girl had so much fun. 
She rode her bike, did the monkey bars, and even raced her daddy. 

Warming up with some one arm push ups before the race. 

It was a close race and I can not say who won.
 My vote would be the little girl. ;-) 

They days go from hot to cold!
 I'm ready for all the days to be warm with sunshine! 

Burr it's cold and St Patrick's Day

Just a couple of before school pics. 

I carried green milk and Lucky Charms to Sophie Clare class for snack. 

They all enjoyed it and they all said that it tasted like regular milk. haha 

Sick Days and Not So Sick Days

This girl does not get down often but when she does it is a complete roller coaster. 

When I took her to the dr she felt fine. 
But throwing up and a fever off and on the day before. 
This was our 2nd trip to the dr.................
no flu or strep..........just viral!! 

We decided we would stop by and enjoy a little breakfast. 



Then by the afternoon, this is how she felt. 

The next day, she felt good most of the day and played. 

Dressed sweet kitty up like a cowgirl. 

We even got out of the house for a bit. 

We ended up with an air mattress and movies for a fun Saturday night. 

Off to lunch we go on Sunday

She has wanted one of the chairs forever!! 
It is by joe boxer and super comfy. 

Snoozing away with sweet kitty. 

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