Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Homestead Hollow

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Springville to Homestead Hollow.
 It is such a pretty place. 

First stop was the bracelet making table.
You were able to choose colors of sand to fill it with.  
Sophie Clare loves a good bracelet.

She looked so stinking cute!! 

We enjoyed a fun day out and a fabulous dinner at The Cajun Steamer. 

Randoms In November

One Saturday I had some errands to run and we stopped in the Front Porch. Such a cute little shop...........They have the cutest little bug sitting out front. It screams Maggie all over it! 

This girl has been giving me goofy pics for years.......I'll take them silly girl and love them. 

When we got home, she wanted to go into the woods.
 I  grabbed my coffee and off we went. 

And all in the same day, she bought a sleep mask and LOVES it!! 

Sweet Girls

A couple of weeks ago, the girls spent the night with my parents.  We love having the girls and there is never a dull moment. My mom and dad got the girls t-shirts while they were at the beach. They all were them so of course I tool some pics of them! 

I am so thankful Sophie Clare has these girls!! 

Veterans Day Parade 2016

November the 9th, the kiddos had early release from school for the Veterans Day parade. 
 We went last year and Clare enjoyed it so we thought we would do it again. 
We were excited that April, Luke and Lila decided to join us. ;-)

Poor baby was wore out on the way home. She said she was going to sleep but she did not. She never falls asleep that easy. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Nina and The Pinta

Back in October the Nina and the Pinta sailed into Guntersville.  I have always wanted to see them and finally I was able to. I was more excited than the others.  It was so cool to see how they lived on the boats and the actual size of them.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall Pics take 2

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