Thursday, September 22, 2016

Second Grade Is Cool

Sophie Clare is loving school and is doing great!  

The next few pics are from the 2nd week of school. 

About 3 days a week, we have 2 extra riders that are pretty cute!! 
They get in the car jibber jabbering about their day. 

Finally a french braid! 

And these are from the 3rd week. 
I love taking a quick photo before school. 
The pics are always fun to go back and look at. 

On Wednesday's Braden gets to come to the house for some afternoon play time. 

Now Sophie Clare for the most part does not mind me taking her pic but some days she likes to play hard to get! haha 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The First Week In the Books

That first week flew by!! She had so much fun everyday and I love hearing about her day!! 
I asked her what her favorite thing about school?? 
She responded with work and pe. This girl loves to be bust and run! 

Day 2 

Day 3

Day 4 

I always want to make sure she has plenty of food to eat during lunch and snack. 

I had a cute little car line buddy on  day 4. 

Look at all the cuteness! 

Day 5 is casual day!! 

She loves her new kicks!! 

Then it was off to sonic to celebrate the first week! 

Love that big ole smile!! 

The 1st Day of Second Grade

August the 8 was the first day of 2nd grade! 
Sophie Clare was pretty excited and that made me happy. 

I made her a cute lunch for her first day back. 

Off she goes!! 

She had a great first day and loved it!! 

Back To School Photo Shoot

I wanted to do a back to school phot shoot with Sophie Clare. She was the perfect model and I love how they turned out!! 

One of my favorites!! 

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