Friday, January 12, 2018

See Ya Next Year

Packed up and ready to go. 

But first, breakfast at Ihop 

Next stop....THE TRACK

Her first time riding the bumper cars, it was so fun to watch her. 
She would get so tickled. 

 We took the scenic route and there were some down time. 
She did a great job entertaining me. 

Faker! haha


Our Last Full Day

Our last full day is always bitter sweet. I love the beach life and I am never ready to come home. 
One of Sophie Clare's favorite thing to do at the beach is go to the track to ride the go-carts. 
So off we went. 

Only to get there and wait. The electronic thing that you swipe the cards on was not working.  So they would not let anyone ride. 

She was a little disappointed but we promised we would come back before we left. 

So back to swimming and soaking up some sunshine. 

Swimming did not last long, another storm was rolling in.  Our last day, did not turn out as planned but we had a good day just hanging out and eating lots of good food. 

I can not believe how big my girl is getting. 
She is such a blessing and makes me a stronger person. 

We loved The Whales Tail.
 Good food, good service and within walking distance. 

Another favorite is Surf Hut. 
Great food!! 

I think someone it tired. 

But not to tired for a night beach swim!

Oh what  a wonderful trip we  had. 
 Even though it was a little different, we still had a blast and made lots of sweet memories. 

Rafting, Climbing and Pirates

Those sweet little freckles! 

She is the best little beach bum! 

She calls this her swag jump and I love it! 

A storm rolled in that afternoon so we too that time to rest an d get ready for dinner. 

We had never been to the Wharf in Destin so we decided to check it out. 
Lots of restaurants and things to do with kiddos.

We decided to eat at The Crazy Lobster.  We just got some different appetizers and they were all scrumptious .

Getting ready for the Ninja course.  She loves these things. 

Sophie Clare wanted to stay for the pirate show and I am so glad we did.
 It was super cute. 

She has really come out of her little shell. 
Sitting on the front row with her hand raised......She is amazing!! 

Her sweet pretty please face. ;-) 

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