Monday, January 9, 2017

Black Friday Shenanagains

Morning times with my coffee are absolutely the best! 

Little girl here, thought it was her birthday and wanted birthday breakfast. 
You got it sister.
 I will celebrate you everyday!! 

After all of our relaxing and pampered breakfast, we decided to get out. 

What was all the hustle and bustle about?? 
Well I am not real sure but I found some cute things and we had a great time. 
So it was a win! 

I love Broad Street! Such pretty building and trees! 

We also ran into our sweet friends Cassy and Jaylin! 
 It was so great to see them!! 

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving day was a sweet and special time.  Jamie's grandmother always made pumpkin pies, so I started making them after she passed.  This year, my sweet Sophie Clare helped me and I loved every minute of it. 

We went to my Uncle Alton and Aunt Rita's house for lunch. 

Loved her center piece! 
It was so pretty! 

Having a host of cousins to play with is always fun!

Look at all that yummy food . 

All the girls....

All the guys.........

My Aunts sweet sweet mother!!  
I just love her! 

My sweet Uncle Alton!! 

After all the Thanksgiving fun, it was time to start decorating for her party! 

Thanksgiving Break 2016

I love when my little side kick it out of school. There is no pressure of hurry up we have to get here, hurry up we have to go to bed.............we just enjoy life a little more! 

Thanksgiving Break was low key and fun!! 

Snuggles with kitty 

Sleeping on the sofa

Cooking with mommy! 

Hanging out with my girls and my sweet Gracie made me a camper!
 I love love love it! 

We had some jumping fun at The Factory with cousins and church friends! 

This girl is so strong that it amazes me!! 

Trimming The Tree 2016

The end of November is always crazy with Sophie Clare's birthday and Thanksgiving! We decided it would be fun to put trim the tree early. Sophie Clare loves Christmas as do I. I love the reason for the season, the little twinkle lights and all of the decor. 
It is just such a fun time of year. 

Sophie Clare loves her little tree in her room.
 She had so much joy putting her little ornaments on! 

She is getting so big!
 Where has time gone?? 

She was very pleased with the way it turned out. 

Now it was time for the living room................but first a selfie! 

It is always fun watching the tree come to life! 

After things were pretty much decorated, it was a much that she and baby wear Christmas pj's

I love this so much! 
It is just so sweet! 

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