Thursday, March 23, 2017

Read Across America Week

Read Across America  Week is always a fun time.  The book fair and dressing up every day is always a WIN, WIN!! 
We missed hat day because of a little sickness. 

But here she is for crazy sock day and t-shirt day!! 
I thought she looked "crazy" cute! 

Book fair fun with these 2 cuties! 

Mix Match day ended at the dr. 
Just viral stuff going on. 

Book character day...............
We chose The CAT in the HAT. 
I just loved how it turned out.
 I told Sophie Clare that we just might have to be this for Halloween. 

Then on Friday it was Relay for Life! 
The shirts say 
May the cure be with you. 

Such fun memories of second grade. 

Movies and Popcorn

We love movie nights!! We snuggle up on the couch and eat popcorn. 
That has been one of my favorites this Winter! 

She made her a popcorn tooth!! hahaha 

February Fun

Basketball, Picnics and the Rail Road

This girl loves some Kidz Bop. She says she is going to be part of the group one day! ;-)  I would love for them to do a concert and take her! 
So much fun! 

When the girls come, they love to get out and shoot some hoops. 

The cheering section. 

A perfect day for a picnic!! 

We have all rode on the 4-wheeler together but now that we are all getting bigger it is a little harder to fit. haha 

We were headed out behind our house for a ride and check out the beaver damn. 
Me and mom walked most of it except for the muddy water part. Then we all jumped on, 

After we had our hiking, the girls wanted to go to the railroad tracks. 
I love going because I get to walk and play in the creek.

The little girls, especially Gracie, really wanted to dip her body in the water like last time. But the water was just to cold. 

My daddy!! 

On the way back, we heard a horn and needless to say it was the TRAIN HORN.  
You know the song............I hear that train a coming?? 
Well it was coming and we had to get off the tracks. 

It was cool to see but I kept the girls face cover for fear of something flying up. 

High Falls

Sophie Clare loves to go on adventures so when the weather is beautiful, we try to hit the road. 

We took her to High Falls a few Sunday's ago after church. 
It is so pretty there! 

I decided to do a little yoga and get a cool picture. 
It was hard to find my balance and my heart was racing from the fear of falling. 
But I got it!!! 

We decided to climb up the side of a hill to get to a huge rock. 

It was a little tough at times and SC wanted to turn around a time or 2. 

But we kept going till we touched  the rock. 

It was fun and she was glad we did it. 

My little rock climber! 

Love making these memories together!! 

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