Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Blessed Day

Well I am sad to say that I do not have a picture today to post. I can not believe that I have not taken one all day. That is so unlike me. Maybe before the day is over. We had a much better night, we both got a little more sleep. She did not seem as stopped up. She got up around 8, we ate our breakfast, played for a little bit then it was time for a nap. She slept for about 2 hrs. We got ready and headed to The Cupboard for lunch with Jamie, she is always so excited to see her daddy. Then is was off the Wal-Mart but I did have to make a quick stop by Gap and The Bible Outlet. I got the cutest dress for $6.00 and I got Faith Baby(Christmas) I was so excited. I had somethings to return to Wal-Mart. While in the customer service line a lady was talking to Sophie Clare and then a man come up talking to her....She loves the attention. He patted her on the back and I pulled her a little closer to me.....then he patted her again and kissed her head......A total stranger, all I could do was just laugh out loud. What would you have done??
Here are some more pictures from Emily's birthday.

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