Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Fun on Sunday

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a great service in Church. Our pastor was not there today to we had a guest. Sophie Clare was my wild woman. She is everywhere......when she becomes mobile, she is going to keep me running! She thinks that everyone should be talking to her.
We started out Friday morning early and headed to Gadsden and when I say early we were there my 8:15, my cousin Johnna was having a yard sale with the beauty shop she works at. Of course we headed down. I did not find anything except for one of those big huge blow up bouncy things like you rent...............called my dad and he come over and got a great deal on it!
Then we headed home, our friends Jennifer, Maddie and Cole were coming over to swim.
We had the best time talking and hanging out. I did not take near as many pics as I usually do.

I know you will be surprised to hear that I was in the need of WINGS, pretty sure it was going on 2 weeks since I had any. So we left Sophie Clare at my mom and dads and headed to Gadsden. They were so yummy and we got to eat outside. I love to sit out there and watch the people go by. Then Jamie remembered that a guy he used to work with was going to be playing at the Grind. It is a coffee shop on Court Street. So we went to listen to Lee and Ted, they did a really great job. That was the 1st time they had played together in about 2 months. I did not get a dessert but OH you should have seen them. They looked so yummy. Next time not near as many wings so that I will not be so full. Better yet, I should eat dessert 1st.

This is Justin and Kisa. Justin works with Jamie, so we called them up to see if they wanted to meet us. Although when they arrived we could not stay long because we had to get back to Sophie Clare.

Thanks guys for coming out!

Saturday we got up and went to some yard sales so be sure to check back tomorrow for the great deals we found.

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