Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paint Party

I decided to join in on Melissa painting party at 320 Sycamore! I would have to say that a couple of the rooms in the house has been painted several times and then again some have been there for a while! I am one that gets tired of somethings pretty quick. I used to rearrange my furniture all the time, now that I have my sweet bundle of joy that just does not happen as often! So here is what I have going on now!!! I am not even going to mention the color names because crazy me did not write them down but all of the paints lids are in the outdoor building just in case!


LAUNDRY ROOM...........I am so not a wallpaper fan but about 12 years ago I picked this out and I still love it! You can see the laundry room from the kitchen and it makes a great statement!

BATHROOM........Our bathroom used to be a pale pink but when baby come along I could not have 2 pink rooms right beside each other!
Well there you have it, a rainbow of colors!


melissa said...

Maggie Elizabeth~thank you for joining the party today! You have a beautiful paint palette in your home~I especially love that raspberry color in the bathroom. If you get a chance to go look, I know everyone would love to know the paint color names. :) Have a great day~

Dirt Princess said...

I LOVE color too! Every room in my house is a different color! It looks great!

Jadehollow said...

Maggie.. Great Colors! You certainly have a colorful home. That's one of my goals.. to have each room a different color. Hat's off to you! Way to go.. all of your colors are beautiful! Thanks for sharing you lovely home and colors.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Maggie Elizabeth = what a cool name! Love your colors. I have such a fear of going bright - you did great.

Lea Wethington said...

I love all the colors. I love to bring color into my home too:) I love your wall paper. I am trying to talk my husband into letting me wall paper my entry way.

KarenB said...

I used that same fabric in my laundry room, but with big yellow checked wallpaper. That was my last house. It was great. I hated to leave that room.

Marie said...

Love all your fabulous rooms!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What beautiful, rich colors! I love them all. But what I especially love is that you're not afraid to take a risk. So many people are terrified of color...WHY? If you don't like it, paint it again. Everyone thought I was a crazy loon when i painted my living room dark chocolate brown. I am so glad I didn't let those critis stop me. I loved my color choice then...and still love it now! Nice to meet you by the way.


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

What a pretty pink room! My two girls would love it.

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