Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Sun

Last night was a bit better. I only got up with Sophie Clare twice. Although I did let her sleep on the couch. She was just not having sleeping in her bed. I also want to say thanks to all those have gave me some advice. I started today with nap time, I would get her bunny blankey and put it up close to her. She acts like she does not want it but we are going to try it for a few days. She did not rise and shine till almost 9:00......she was pooped. Jamie has taken a couple of days off.....he was in need of a "staycation" I put him on bathroom duty. The floors needed a good scrubbing and there is nothing more powerful than a mans arm!! He did a most fab job. Thanks bunches. While he was doing that, I finished up some laundry, swept and mopped the living room and kitchen. Now it was time to hit the pool. Sophie Clare and I loaded down the stroller ( we walk to the pool) and headed out. Angie, Emily and Gracie were meeting us there. Only when they arrived, Angie had dropped Gracie off at my moms. She still had a little fluid on her ears. Bless her heart, she has had a time with her ears. We were having a good time. Emily was swimming and jumping in and then she decided that the bugs and leaves were just to much so Angie took her to my moms. It is a good thing that my whole family lives right in a row. So it was just me, Jamie, Sophie Clare and Angie. I could not believe what a trooper Sophie Clare was. We were out there about 3 1/2 hrs. She loves the water.

Here she is just hanging in the shade while I catch some rays. Notice that red place on her arm.......she got bit my something and it is so red.
Emily before she left us.
Sophie Clare just enjoying herself.
I hope you all have had a great day!


Dirt Princess said...

Sweet girls

courtne450 said...

Hey girl, just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed visiting your blog, so I am giving you a blogger award... You can save it to your computer from my site. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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