Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday was Sophie Clare's 6 month birthday and I had to work my 1 day....Bummer! On top of that, she got her first kitty cold! Now that she is sitting up so good we are taking our baths sitting in the sink and she LOVES it!! She has always like her bath time!!
Saturday was an exciting day, we got up and went on our normal yard sale trip and again I found some really cute outfits and a few toys! We decided to go and visit Melanie at her yard sale! I bought a really cute Liz Claiborne purse that I can use as a diaper bag and 2 pair of CUTE lounge pants! I was so excited!!
Happy Birthday Matia Grace
Today was was Matia's 1st birthday party! Sophie Clare's 1st friend party! Matia's mom and I have been best friends forever! I just hope that our girls are as close as we were growing up!! I was a little worried about taking her because she still has a runny nose and I did not want to be that mom that brought her sick child to the party! I called Andrea and she said not to worry about it! Matia was just a doll! I do want to add that a lady at the party said she looked like me! OH how that made me smile!!

Best friends for life!
In all of the birthdays that I been to.....NEVER have I seen a child eat there WHOLE cake! I am telling you she just kept on eating!!

Sophie Clare had so much fun, she could not even hold her eyes open!

After a long day, I was stuffed up by the end so Jamie was going to give Sophie Clare a bath! I turned around saw Jamie with Sophie Clare's towel on his head! How cute are they??

Sunday morning we got up and went to church! Sophie Clare was so good but very busy! She played with her toys and wanted to stand up and sit down! After church we all went to mom and dads for lunch! The ham was delish!
Gran and all of her angels!! Let me just say this was not done while I was on watch!! I went up to my grandmothers with the girls. Sophie Clare was hungry and sleepy so I left her with Jamie! I came home and she was asleep.......I still had no clue! I got the camera to download some pictures and this is what I found! She looks pretty happy! I could not believe Jamie of all people did this.......he is so not you do-rag kind guy!

We later went back to church to a cookout for the VBS workers! VBS is next week! I have to get a move on!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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