Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello All! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I am having a great one, just a little tired. My sweet Sophie Clare is still not sleeping good. She just cut her very 1st tooth. So maybe it will get better soon. It is all so worth it!! There is not a lot going on this week and I am not complaining. We got up this morning and stayed in our pj's most of the day. Then we got ready and headed to one of our favorite outings, WAL-MART........I used dislike that place so much. Now that I am at home all the time it so fun to go and run into people! I ran into my friend April. Bless her heart her sweet baby is not sleeping good either. Anyways to catch you up on the past few days. I worked yesterday and on Monday we hung out at the pool. What will we do the rest of the is kind of nice not having anywhere to go!!
Do you not just love this outfit. I found it at TJ Maxx. I so wished they would have had in a 12 month. She needed it for Fall and Winter.......So since it is to HOT to wear it out and about. We are sleeping in it! I know what some of you may be thinking and no she does not sleep in bows. HEHE
Let's talk tummy time!! This sweet angel in on her tummy more that she is on her bottom. I sit her down to run do something and I come back and never fails.........she is on her tummy. A lot of the time she is on her hands and needs, rocking. I wonder how long it will before she is into everything. She is so busy, always reaching for something. The other day at my moms she would go reach back and forth between us. She is a mess.

Here we are Monday at the pool.

Cousin Braden came for a swim. Sunscreen is very important, even in the hair. I love his do. His mommy does hair but I promise she will not do this to yours!!
Cousins in the crabby floats!

Have a blessed week!

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Kelly Bergsing said...

She is so sweet!! Pudgy babies are my favorites!! My 9 month old is so pudgy, when he came out, my Dr. sad he had never seen such a fat baby right out of the hatch!! He is 9 months old now and you still can't see his ankles. There are rolls on his rolls. All the more to kiss and snuzzle up with. When his teeth started coming through, it took about 2 weeks before I got to sleep again. He had a whole bunch come through all at once. Rather unpleasant, but if you have to lose sleep... they are perfect to stare at. Big blue eyes and chubby cheeks. Heaven!! He is my 5th and I am used to all the not sleeping. Who would've thought I could get by on such little sleep? I used to have to have 10 hours. I can deal with just 6 now. I would, of course, prefer more.... but then I could stare at my babies as much!! :)

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