Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Friday Fun

Friday was such a great day. Jamie was off and as I have already mention, he started the construction! So that is what he did most of the day. I called my mom and we headed to Boaz. My Aunt Janine had told me about a store that had make-up for $1.50. Of course I had to go! We got there and they had a ton. You really had to dig. They had eye, face and lips covered. It was all of the brands that Wal-Mart carries. I found a few things as did my mom.

IT WAS GIRLS NIGHT!! I love my girls night out. Angie and I have had this planned for a month. Jamie was keeping Sophie Clare and my mom and dad were going keep the girls. This was going to be Angie's 1st time to 1st Friday without the girls. We met about 10 till 6 and headed for Court Street. We went to the Grind first to sit and talk for a bit. Then we went next door to The Stone Market. They have lots of great stuff but a bit $$$.

We finished up there and hit the streets! There is something different on every corner. Here is a scene from OLIVER. They are going to be performing at Wallace Hall in Gadsden. All of the children looked so cute in the costumes! Although, they needed microphone because you could not here nothing they were saying.
I did not see near as many people as I usually do, but we did run into some pretty special people. Look at this cutie........Is he not the cutest little boy???
As me and Angie were walking, this guy was singing and dancing. He was so trying to get the crowd involved. Angie said, hey I will give you $10.00 if you get out there and dance. I informed her I did not need $10.00.......I am all about having a good time. I first thought that I would stand in front of him to see if I could get him to grab my hand then I thought NAH I 'll just get beside him. Dancing in the street was lots of fun!

Later we went to JEFFERSON'S. I know you are surprised!!;) It was a full house, so we put our name in. It was going to be 1 hour. We'll wait!!
I did not get home till after 10.......guess who was still awake?? You guessed it, Sophie Clare. She was laying in Jamie's lap, I first thought she was a sleep, but the minute she spotted me......she was so excited, so we laid on the couch and played till she got sleepy enough to go to sleep!

I have lots to post so just hang in there!

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Bryant Blog said...

Luke was sad....he hoped that he would see Sophie Clare at his 1st First Friday!! : (

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