Monday, August 3, 2009

Did the Bell Just Ring

Let's talk about school starting back.......I can not even believe that it is time. Did the students and teachers even have a Summer?? I am thinking not long enough. I know you are wondering why I care. Well when school starts, that means Awanas is starting. I love my Cubbies but several of them are moving up and I am going to miss them so. We have this week off and then next Wednesday we begin!! Last year Michelle was so sweet to bear with me........I could not get things in order and I am still having a hard time. I guess it is just part of being a new mom. I just do not have any down time, so I have got to learn to juggle it!! I let you know how that works out for me...hehe!
Anyways on to last night.......Our church had our annual picnic at Marshall Baptist Camp Grounds. We always have so much fun. There is swimming, canoeing, paddle boats, a play ground, horse shoes and a gym with tons of fun! The crowd was a little off, they are thinking about changing the location next year to Noccalula Falls which would be fun too!
Here are a few pics of the fun!!

The paddle boats are so much fun but I am so out of shape!! hehe We did not travel to far out or Jamie would have been doing all the work!!

Me and Emily pushing our babies.

Sophie Clare LOVES the water. I did not take our bathing suits and I will not make that mistake
again. I thought I could let her just put her feet in but she wanted all the way in. Good thing pop was in the water.

Whitney and Sophie Clare

Emily had the best time!!

Have a great week!!


Kelly B said...

That looks so fun!! I think this year I am more sad about school starting than my kids. We have always home schooled and this year will be the first they attend public school. I will still have two at home with me, but the three oldest will be gone all day. I almost don't know what to do with all of that extra time. Those pictures looked like a lot of fun!! :)

Tracy-Girl said...

I loved summer break when I was a kid... it was the best! You are so lucky you get to spend time with them! :) You guys are beautiful!

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