Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh How Sweet The Sound

The title says it all for what happen today. My sweet baby said her very 1st word...........MAMA!!! How sweet the sound of that little voice calling for me!! I never realized how great it would feel to hear that word. It seems like we have been working on it forever. Jamie has been so sweet to work on it instead of dada. For a couple of days now Sophie Clare has said mmmma and I thought....Is she saying mama?? She did it again this morning and I said to myself........I will just pay close attention. She is at the stage that she does not like me to walk out of the room. Today I walked away for a min and all I could here was.......MAMAMAMAMA. It was the best feeling ever!! I just get chills thinking about how blessed I am to have a daughter to say mama!!!!
THIS GIRL IS INTO EVERYTHING!! Yesterday we got home from the dr and I could hear her opening and closing the cabinet door. Then all of the sudden it got really quite.......I walked in the kitchen and this is what I saw..................A little girl going through the cabinets.

The child has never ever worn a pair of shoes. She has tons of shoes and I was going through to see what all she had for Fall. I tried a couple of pair on her and let her crawl around.....she looks so different in shoes. Then I noticed something looked a little funny........I had them on the wrong feet. HEHE

I believe that I am going to have to lock my cabinets up. She is forming a habit of this.

Have a great night and sleep tight!!


Tracy-Girl said...

AHHH!! How precious! and exciting... thank you for sharing! I am sure you will remember this day forever!

Kelly B said...

It is sweet... at first. Until you realize they are far sneakier than you ever thought they are... and way faster than you. My 11 month old is only quiet when he is up to something, LOL! We have a lot of fun anyway. As far as the shoes go, I haven't even put any on my son yet. It's been warm so there has been no need. Truthfully, I really dislike putting shoes on babies... they always scrunch their toes and I am afraid I will hurt them. You would think that by #5 I would be an old pro, but just like newborn belly buttons (ewww..)... there are just some things I can't get over. ;0)

Anna said...

Love it!! I have put Tillie's shoes on the wrong feet so many times!

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