Friday, August 21, 2009

The Past Couple Of Days

Happy Friday Ya'll! I hope you all are having a fab kind of day. I know we are. We slept petty good last night which is always a plus! We got up and were just lazy this morning. Sometimes is is fun just to get up, not get ready and just sit in the floor and play. Needless to say Sophie Clare was down for a nap by 9:15. I so desperately needed my nails did. My mom was sweet enough to watch Sophie Clare for about an 1hr. I have a couple of cute pics I took today.....I will share those later but on to

The Past Couple Of Days......................
Wednesday, my mom got to go get Emily from school so of course me and Sophie Clare had to go play. We had lots of fun. We had to hide from the bears that were after us. I would pretend to be a bear and try to get Emily.....I so wish I had a video of it. She would act so I was really going to get her. She is a mess and full of drama. I love children, it just bring the child out of me.
Sophie Clare showing off her toofy' she not a doll??

It is always so much fun to go to Gran's house. You pretty much rule the roost. When me and Emily came into the kitchen, Sophie Clare was standing up in a bar stool, leaning over the sink, playing in water. Don't worry Gran was right beside her. Then of course it was time for Sophie Clare to move and Emily's turn.

I am not sure that you can see the spoon in Emily's hand but she said she could not drink out of the cup she needed a spoon. She is so funny.

Emily was ready to ride the Barbie Jeep. For some reason she thinks she needs to wear this hat.. hehe

She is not going to break the law......she has to buckle up!!

Sophie Clare and I went home so that she could take a nap before Cubbies. When she woke up, Emily, Gran and Pop rode the 4-liter up so that Emily could meet the 5 kittens. She loved them and said they were so cute. MOM SHE REALLY WANTED TO BRING ONE HOME!!

At first she would not pick them up, I show her how and then she was a pro.

Sophie Clare is wonder.......why mommy are you letting all the kittens in my room????


We had tons of fun in Cubbies.......we had fun with sand art....

played and blew some bubbles.........

Michelle is my right hand!!! Thanks bunches!!

and we painted.

On to Thursday, we made our way to the GW , thrift store, and of course Wal-Mart. I found some pretty good things and you know the drill...........I can not show you today, I have to wait for a thrifty day. When we got home I stripped Miss Priss down and let her run around in her diaper.
I bought this little rocking centipede a while back and let's just say Sophie Clare was not to crazy about it. She was a little scared of it. She saw Emily get on it Wednesday and she is been all about it. I am so glad she loves it!!

Well that is about it for the past couple of days.
I hope you all have a blessed weekend!!


Tracy-Girl said...

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Sounds like you guys had a fun and successful week!

Sarah Robbins said...

How much fun! Can't wait to see your thrifty finds tomorrow! I'm headed out to "the sales", too, so hopefully I will have some good finds, too!

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