Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Good Things In Life

GOT OKRA?? We do!! My Uncle Alton and my parents planted a garden that we all get to enjoy. Let me just the say that I think my dad cuts the okra daily and my mother is cutting it and freezing it! Oh, I can remember the sweet grandmother made okra. There was just something about hers that was the best. Oh how I miss it and her.

Sophie Clare has tried fried okra but was not to sure of it. She like it like this!!

Once a month our church does a Senior lunch on Tuesdays. Considering I used to work on Tuesday, I never got to go but the Grans had the Grans. So, now that I am not working, I decided that me and Sophie Clare would go. There was so much good food. It was all unbelievable!! Sophie Clare had so much fun watching Conner Jud.........Is he not a cutie?? He will be having his 1st birthday really soon.

When we got home, Sophie Clare was in the floor playing. I thought that would be a good time to get a few things done. I noticed she was being really quiet, so I went to check on her. LOOK AT HER!! She had manged to open her puffs with her mouth and make a big mess.

She was pretty excited about the mess she had made. I will never be able to get on to her! :)

I just want you to know that Sophie Clare is all about dental hygeine. She is ready for bed but first she has to floss and brush!

I hope you all are having a great week!!


Kelly B said...

That is so sweet!! Michael is 1 year on the 16th. He also loves to brush his teeth. I have to be really careful with him though, he gags himself a lot when trying to brush. It can get a little gross. ;) She is very good at opening things with her mouth. Mikey did that a few times and now we just can't let him have any. Otherwise there is an enormous mess and he is always out of snacks!! :)

Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

your little one is so cute. about the okra, i wish i had some of it to put in the freezer. my little boy who is 5 loves it fried. i think he could eat a whole skillet full.

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