Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Hello Everyone!!

We are just going to play catch up. There is not to much to talk about, you might say that it has been a little boring. It has rained and rained, so we have not got to hit any YS. We really have not even hit the TS, I am sad to say. Maybe next week I will have some new treasures!!

Night before last, Sophie Clare woke up as usual......I got her, we made our way to the couch. Usually she is a little restless but never does she cry........she did this night!! When we got up I called the dr, I was afraid that it was a ear infection. She kept pulling at her right ear. They told us to be there before 11.........I signed in at 10:08 and did not get back into the car till 1:10. 3 HOURS, to find out that Sophie Clare's ear are perfect, YAY!! Although her little throat was a little red but it was nothing. Thank you Lord!! We talked about her she is restless and wakes up a lot. Guess what she told me......she does not know how get herself to sleep and I am going to have to let her cry. I already knew this but it took the dr to tell me!! Oh how I dread it!! I am going to start it next week when I know for sure her throat is 100% better. Please pray for me, I am going to need it. I am just a softy when it comes to her crying.
What went on today??
Well I woke up with sinus trouble. Blah! I can not stand not being able to breath, it drives me crazy. My head feels like a balloon. Needless to say, we stayed at home today. She took 3 naps today and no not in her bed so I got a lot of rest today.

We broke out the leggings today. Considering it is Fall, we have to dress it.

She is a good baby everyday but she was especially good today. I think she knew her mommy did not feel good.

She can sit and go through this box of jewelry forever. And thats what I let her do while I laid and watched her.

Well that is all, kind of boring. I will get to something interesting really soon!! I promise!!

Now to leave you with just a couple of pictures.

Aunt Angie, I love my passies. They are great teethers! I love to crawl around with them in my mouth and don't get confused, I am biting on them not sucking on them!!

Oh how I love to help my mommy at the computer. Thanks mommy for letting me sit on the printer while you eat breakfast and check the social networking sites. I just need to be beside you at all times!

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