Monday, November 23, 2009

Party Like It's Your Birthday


I am going to start by saying, that I feel like I never have the time to BLOG anymore. Jamie is usually the one that plays with Sophie Clare, while I am on the computer and he has been working himself to death trying to get her room finished. FINALLY we are at the tail end of that!! So just maybe I will be able to get back to my daily routine of blogging!! Please hang in here with me, I promise it will get better.

Last Saturday, Jamie of course had to work. Sophie Clare and I headed to one of my very best friend's little girls birthday party........MADALYN!! It was going to be a day filled with celebration. We started out at the Groovy Gallery in Boaz. The Groovy Gallery has tons of things to do.........painting pottery, making jewlery, gift items, panting on t-shirts, dress-up parties and much more. Madalyn chose the dress-up party. Here are just a few of the many pics.

Sophie Clare loved watching all of the girls. I am sure she would have loved to be right in the middle of them.

They got to start out by putting there on make-up on. How much fun is that?? I know my niece Emily loves to come to my house and head straight for the bathroom so that she can put on my make-up. All little girls love dress up.

Madalyn just got her nails done.

Getting her hair done.

YAY!! I am 4!!

They danced around and had the most fun.

After they dressed up, we had pizza. YUMMY! Then Sophie Clare and I headed to pick up the cake for Jennifer. We all met at her house and considering it was a beautiful, we stayed outside. The kids had the best time.

The birthday girl still has her make-up on.

Sweet Cole

Madalyn got tons of great stuff for her birthday.

Silvie Ann

Have a great week!!

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