Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Girl Toothpaste!!

Now that we are four and have a dentist appointment in the near future. I knew that we needed to start using "big girl" toothpaste.  I was nervous about doing this..........why?? I did not want her to swallow to much and we brush teeth all over the house. lol If she is laying in bed with her daddy, I would just carry it to her. Now she has to be in the bathroom. Not a bad routine, I know! ;-)   She is loving brushing her teeth with the new sparkle toothpaste and spitting!  She says her teeth has sprinkles which mean sparkle!

Love those sweet lips!!

I am very thrilled she is loving brushing and spitting!
 It really is the small things!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Sprinkles for sparkles is so cute! I remember when I introduced big girl toothpaste to my daughter. I was so anxious she would swallow it but she did very well.

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