Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas At The Falls

This week Angie and I took the girls to the Falls to see the Christmas lights. Thankfully we got there early and it was not all that crowded. The girls as usual were very excited to see each other. Sophie Clare was a little under the weather but had a good time. As you can see she is her normal picture taking self.  ;-) haha

The girls waiting on the train!

We stop to write a few letters to Santa and get them in the mail in plenty of time. ;-)

Emily is a busy little bee writing  and making sure she has everything on her list.

We had to check all the animals and whew it was a little stinky!

Sophie Clare did kept her eyes on Aunt Annie!

Then Sophie Clare decided to do a little pose!

Next stop was to visit with Santa!

By this time, I was carrying Sophie Clare. She was tired and had used all her energy up. But the other 2 girls were going strong and ready for pics!   I love these girls with my all o my heart! They are the best and I am so thankful Sophie Clare has them! 
The girls posing with daddy, mama, sister and brother bear. 

The girls played church a while and Emily was the teacher and choir director!
 Super cute! 

Although SC was a little under the weather, I am still glad we were able to go and have some girl fun! 

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