Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Phone Pictures......

Showing off those sprinkle (sparkle) teeth and baby blues.

Relaxing in the floor and enjoying some Kid Songs

Showing off her freshly painted nails.  When her nails her painted they are sooo cute. I love watching her use her hands when they are painted. She is so dainty with them, 

Doing mommy's nail. 

Enjoying some sunshine, making a few sand pies and birthday cakes. 

This was right before we went into Cottontails. 

My mom showing Sophie Clare how to pose for a picture. 

Bubble beard

When the girls come to visit, we usually try and take them to see my grandmother. They always have so much fun dressing up in her clothes. 

And they even dress me up........

This is so blurry but remembering  her when I took this pic kills me. She is singing and rapping. I did not even know she knew all of that.......oh she is a mess! 

This girl loves to play doctor and wanted a mask. Well you just can't buy one. You have to buy a box of  20, so we will have mask for everyone. 

Also in Wal-Mart, you never know what you will find. I am sure there are a few DD fans out there. 


I just love being her mommy! 

Sophie Clare and Braden at mawmaws. 

Just one day at lunch. 

Sunday we had fabulous weather and I let Sophie Clare wear her new outfit to church. I could not wait for her to wear it. It looked so cute on her and of course she would not take a normal pic. 

Hope you are having a great week so far! 

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