Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ant Bites, Bee Stings and Lots More!

Last week was the first of a lot of things. Some good and some bad.  It started off last Tuesday,  It was Spring pic day at school. In the Fall, when she had her pic made we did not even buy them. She looked so sad and I did not want that reminder. 
We had been talking about how she was going to smile and she would always do some goofy smile. It did not really matter how she smiled as long as she was not sad. I wanted top get a couple of pics of  her before school. 

This is one of the smiles she was planning on doing for her pictures. 

Right after this picture was taken, FIRE ANTS decided to get on here. They apparently had a bed under the rock she was standing on. She recovered quickly and off to school we went. 

After school, we went to get some lunch and went by Wal-Mart. When we got home, she gets out first and I'm gather our goodies from Wal-Mart.  I here a scream BEEEEEEEE. I get over there and she is screaming, shrilling............oh it was horrible. I said it's gone baby, she said NOOOOO BEEEEEE  Realizing that the dumb YELLOW JACKET landed and left it's stinger behind. Oh bless her sweet heart. I don't think she had cried that hard ever. I finally got her calmed down enough to be able to get the stinger out. Thankfully she is a trooper about that. I gave her benadryl and made a paste with meat tenderizer. After that soaked on it for a while, it was much better. 

Not the best pic, but that is the stinger. 

For some of you, you are aware of my fabulous phone. I have had this phone for a while. It was a great phone when I got it. But since then, it has been down hill. It was tear up and they would send me another, JUST LIKE IT. This happen 6 times. This was my 6th phone.   I am with T-Mobile and have been forever. I did not want another contract with them so I was just waiting and trying to be patient.  About 2 weeks ago, I dropped it and this was my screen. They wanted me to give them $50.00 to replace the phone. ARE YOU KIDDING?? No, I will not be sending you any money for this phone. 

Not sure why the picture would not let me rotate it. 

So, Jamie calls them
They drop my bill $50.00 a month! 
Then tell him the deal they have with the IPHONE. 
He should have never told me. I was trying to be content. 
Kidding I said, HEY LET'S GO TO T-MOBILE. 
He said ok, We dropped Sophie Clare off at my parents and came home with a new phone! 

These next 4 pics are from my new phone. 
 Look how good. 
It was pretty warm on Wednesday and Sophie Clare was ready to break out the sprinkler. 
She had sooo much fun! 

This is the day after her yellow jacket sting. 

Braden and Sophie Clare 

This was Thursday before school.

One thing about my phone, it has lots of things that I could get hooked on.  I love that my phone has a blog app and that I can upload pictures from my phone to my blog! 

This is the other. . 
Click on the camera and follow me! 

Friday, it rained and was yucky most of the day. I took that time to clean out my closet again.  I am going to do it again. I could get rid of every dress I have except for 10. I have had some of them forever but seem to have a hard time letting go. 

While I was taking pics of a few of the dresses. Sophie Clare jumped in and wanted her picture made. 

Look how nasty that mirror is......YUCK!! 
Needless to say, it is clean now! haha

Sophie Clare and baby were pretending to be at the beach! 

Well I have to get busy folding clothes and putting away the dishes. 
It will not be long and I will have to go get Sophie Clare! 

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