Friday, September 13, 2013

Steam Engine Fun!

Yesterday a steam engine was coming through town.  We got ready quickly to get there at 12.  We got there and it was no where in sight. We sat, we waited.........I finally text a friend and it was on its way. 

It was super hot outside. I don't remember it being that hot all Summer. 

We waited for about an hr till it came by. 
It sat loading passengers for a while. 
 They were going to ride to Birmingham. 

Jamie ended up getting to meet us for a while. As you can see we are still waiting!! 

A sweet couple put some pennies on the train track for Sophie Clare. 

Finally here is comes!! 

We were really close to the track and Sophie Clare was afraid that it was going to be loud. 

It was so pretty to watch! 
I think I enjoyed it just as much as Sophie Clare! 

After the train went by, we collected our pennies. 
  A little treasure to remember the day! ;-) 

Have you ever been on a train ride?? 
I would love to go on one!! 

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

I want to do a train ride too!

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