Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Festival Fun

Happy Monday Morning!! 

We have been busy enjoying Fall! We are loving the cooler weather and all the fun stuff that goes with it! 
My sweet sister -n- law invited us to come to my nieces Fall Fest last Thursday.  I just knew Sophie Clare would love it, so off we went! 

We got there about 9:30 and Sophie Clare was ready to run, bounce and whatever else. 
Gracie and Sophie Clare climbing the wall or should I say..........
Gracie climbing and Sophie Clare hanging? haha 

They had some really cute games. I loved this one and we are going to do it at church. 
Shaving fun is that?? 

We enjoyed a few more games. 

Got some tattoos ........haha 

Played more games.............

My mom had a booth with all of her pretty things to sell and we spotted Emily there. Sophie Clare could not wait to see Emily. 

Ok so is it odd that Sophie Clare has NEVER had cotton candy?? 
To be honest she has never asked for it and I guess I never offered.  Emily was ready for some and Sophie Clare wanted some to. I bought it and Sophie Clare was not crazy about it at all. She took one lick and we gave it to Gracie. 

They had a booth where you could get your hair spray painted and Emily jumped on that. I kinda wanted to get mine done! haha 

Our sweet friend Matia Grace also goes to the same school so it was good to see her and her sweet family! 

We had a fabulous time and thank you so much for inviting us!! 

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