Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

The weather is finally FALL!!
 It is so cool and I am loving it so much!! 
We actually had to have a little heat this morning! 

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.
We decided that we better go on to the Pumpkin Patch because you never know what the weather will do. Sophie Clare was so excited about going and lots of pictures to see all the fun she had! 

First up was the barn and it just tons of fun. She could not wait to go down the bumpy slide. 

She played in the corn this year more than she ever has. She even came home with a little in her pants. haha 

She was ready to slide down the pole. Jamie helped her the first couple of times but then she had it all by herself. 

She loved the "rock" climb and she was really good at it.  She is just a little monkey. 

They had a trampoline that was in the ground with lots of hay on it. Sophie Clare had a blast jumping, covering herself in hay. It was just so much fun and I loved watching her. 

She also loved just loved climbing on the hay bales.
 I told Jamie we should get a couple for the yard! 

Check out how relaxed and not girly as she pretends to drive. OH MY!!! 

Now time for the bumpy and dusty cow train ride. 

She played on the pretend bull................. 

I put her in jail................

Jamie stood in line for quite sometime to go to the pumpkin patch. 

Finally it was our turn and we were first. 
Sophie Clare was pretty pumped about being the leader. 

YAY!! Time to pick a pumpkin!! 

We had another great year at the pumpkin patch!! 

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