Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Parade

Monday night was Gadsden's Christmas Parade. I just love the parade and love to go every year. We even went when we did not have Sophie Clare. I will say though, it is much more fun with her! ;-) 
 Jamie had to go to school but that did not stop us from going and enjoying the parade. 

It was pretty cold that night and I knew I wanted Sophie Clare to be warm. I had just got her these cute little pj's. We wear them as just hanging around the house clothes because we would burn up at night. They are super soft and she loves them. I decided that she could just wear them to the parade.  

Look how cute she looked!! Jamie said, I have never seen anyone where there PJ'S to a parade.......well there is a first time for everything!

She was super excited but she was a little cold. 

All bundled up and waiting for the parade to start! 

First was a huge group of horses!  

Then there was this guy. He even stopped for a pic! 
He looks like a real  cowboy. 
He kind of reminds of a friend of ours! ;-) 

This was too funny! This group of girls always wears these wigs. Sophie Clare said,  DO THEY HAVE REAL HAIR UNDER THAT?? 

She loved it so much! 

Now that is a car!! 

Such a sweet hand waving and saying Merry Christmas to everyone. 

Gadsden Public Library

This guy was all about posing. 

This was Sophie Clare's favorite float. 
They were doing surgery on the Grinch. 

Looking for Santa and he was almost in front of us.
 I did not get a pic but she was glad to see him! ;-) 

So thankful for making these memories with her!
 We missed daddy but had the best time! 

Sophie Clare had talked about HOT COCOA all afternoon.  She said that after the parade we needed to drink some.  This is coming from a girl that mainly just drinks water. She will drink a grape caprisun or tea but mainly water. 

I was not sure that I had any at home, so we stopped to pick up some HOT COCOA. 

As soon as we got home, we made it. She told me to just make hers warm because she was little. 
After she tried it, she looked up at me and smiled. I said, did you like it?? 
While she is still smiling, she shook her little head no. 

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. 

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