Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scrubbing Those Sugar Bugs

Sophie Clare has been telling me forever that she needed to go to the dentist. She does not grasp the concept that we only go twice a year. I had told her that we would go after Christmas. She was so excited that the day had finally came. They first thing she did when she woke up was CLAP and say YAY THE DENTIST! I hope and pray that she is always this excited about going to the dentist. She does not get it from me, I do not like going at all. As I have always said, I am good on the other side of the chair. 

She was such a big girl. 
She hopped up in the chair and did everything they said. 

One day when she looks back at this blog, she is going to ask me..........
haha She loves looking at all the pics. She gets on her IPAD and just scrolls away. 

When the dentist came by to check her, he gave me some surprising news.......her 2 bottom teeth are just a little loose. WHAT?? How can that be?? She is still a baby!  Time has just went by way to fast! Even though I was in shock, I was glad that he told me. ;-) 

She got a great report. 

We enjoyed the rest of the day, just hanging out in Trussville. 

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