Monday, July 7, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to this guy! 
He loves Sophie Clare so much and works so hard for his family!! 

Way before Father's Day, I asked Sophie Clare what she wanted to get her daddy. The only thing she wanted to get him was a guitar.  Why?? I have know idea. All I knew, was that I was not going to pay a lot for this gift idea. We found a still of a deal at Goodwill. It was a brand new straight from Target, craft.  It was real wood that you could paint and decorate yourself.  We also bought him some smell good stuff. 

Talk about perfect!! 

She could not wait to give it to him, so on that Friday, he was able to open his guitar. 

Look at his face, he was pretty happy with his "perfect" gift! 

Now, let the entertainment begin! 

I am thankful for my daddy, he would do anything for me and my brother! 

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