Friday, December 5, 2014

Sophie Clare's 6th Birthday Party

Sophie Clare looks forward to her birthday every year!  She wanted a Sheriff Callie themed party but we ended up just doing a cowgirl theme.  Her party was on November 22 and a few day before her party, it was super cold. Thankfully the weather turned around and it was perfect. 

The day before her party she started coughing a bit and had a little runny nose but she felt fine. 
The day of her party, she felt like poo! She asked if she could go outside and run, I told her sure............when I checked on her this was what she was doing. ;-( 

Bless her, she had looked forward to this day forever.  

I felt so sorry for her. 

We went on with the party.....................
She played and had a good time but she was not her normal perky happy self. 

We had her party at a barn and all the kiddos loved it. 

My birthday girl! 

A friend of mine made Sophie Clare's cake and she always does a great job! 
Check her out on fb  Cakes by Kelli

We made the cupcakes and Jamie iced them. 
Sophie Clare picked out the toppers. 

I did not prepare as much food as I usually do.  We had cake, trail mix, sausage balls, chips, dip and hay bales (rice crispy treats). 

You can just tell in her little eyes that she felt like poo! 

The kids loved the horses. 

3 favorite girls. 

The birthday girl got to ride first! 

Sophie Clare was glad that her good buddy Luke was able to come to the party. 

They enjoyed the ropes and the swings in the barn. 

Matia Grace 


When Sophie Clare is waiting or watching this is how she stands. 

Time to sing to the birthday girl! 

This is her little "I'm Nervous" face 

She wanted cake and a cupcake but ended up not eating one bite. 

Just a little friendly race. 

I love this girl more than anything!! 

Sweet Lila giving me a bye hug! 

Several people would ask Sophie Clare what she wanted for her birthday and she would say, 
"whatever you want me to have" 
I though that was super sweet! 

She received lots of goodies and loved them all. 
Her favorites probably her monkey pj's and her remote control car. haha 

A big thank you goes out to Cindy and Randy for letting us have the party at their barn.  
We all had a great time!! 

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