Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cookies, Popcorn and Cinderella

Our weekend was fabulous. 
On Saturday, I asked Sophie Clare what she wanted to do. 
Her response was to stay at home that morning then go somewhere that afternoon. 
So that is what we did and we made it a full afternoon of fun. 

First we stopped by the mall. She had been wanting to go for a while. Used to before she started to school, we would just go and hang out. I miss those carefree days. She visited with the Easter Bunny and told him she wanted some new clothes for baby. Baby has plenty of clothes. 

She loves the cookies at the mall and I have to agree they are pretty good. 

We ended our night with some yummy wings from Jeffersons!! 

The next morning it was a yucky day but we made the best of it
. It was rainy and cold.

This was our "on the way to church" selfie. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you have always seen it. ;-)  

Then while daddy paid for lunch, we sat in the car being silly and taking pictures. 

Then it was off for a little girl time at the movies. 
We went to see Cinderella and it was the sweetest movie ever. Sophie Clare liked and she had fun but about an hour in she asked me if is was almost over. 

She hung on like a big girl and was super good. 

After the movie was over, she said That was fun! Thanks mom for taking me to the theatre. 

Just a 2 more days and we are on Spring Break!! 
We can't wait and are hoping for great weather. 

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