Monday, April 27, 2015

Before School Pics

How is it possible that she is graduating Kindergarten??? 

It just seems like we started!! 

Time with her goes by so fast and I just want to make time stand still!
 I will say that even though we have days that challenge us, I love this fun stage!! 

I am always taking pics of her before school.
 Here are a few from the past few weeks. 

Hat day which she loved!! 

Wearing green for St. Patrick's Day! 

She loves this running outfit!! 
She is pretty cute being all sporty!! 

Spring picture day! 

Needless to day that she did not smile like this!!
 I  was not thrilled but I bought them anyways. 

This was when we had 7 more weeks of school left!! 
Now we have 
3 Weeks and 2 days!! 

She just looks so cute standing there!! 

She loves shorts!! 

She decided how she wanted me to fix her hair. 

Love this outfit on her and that sweet smile! 

We had a few casual days to school.
 This cool weather and killing our cute outfit days. haha 

On Friday I was able to pick her up just a little bit early to enjoy her ice cream treat! 
She truly has the best teacher ever!! 

We are praying that we get another one just as patient, kind and understanding for our sweet Sophie Clare!! 

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