Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Space And Rocket Center

On Friday, Jamie was off so we made it a family fun day.  We had first planned to go to Atlanta, then we thought about the zoo, then Jamie mentioned the Space and Rocket Center. 

So that is where we ended up. 

They did have a robot zoo going on and it was pretty cool to see those. 

We learned about how a fly sees things. 

How long can you hang?? 
I think she held on for about 30 seconds but she said my hands were slipping. 

This is a bat. 

Where is Sophie Clare?? She is a Chameleon. 

Jamie and Sophie Clare rode this little motion ride.
 I did not! 
I was going to till I was going have to sit in the very back behind some big guys. Whew, I can not breathe thinking about it. haha Sophie Clare loved it. 

Sophie Clare enjoyed watching this guy play in the water. 
He is sitting upside down. 

Selfie time!! 

I will add this is the first time that I have wore a fitted shirt in forever!!
 It felt awesome!! 

Sophie Clare was not tall enough for some of the rides and she was a little disappointed. 
She really wanted to ride this but I am glad she couldn't. 

She loved getting on the Army Planes. 

She said bye I am going to space. 

I never find anything with my name on it. 
I thought it was cool but I did not buy it. 

At the very beginning they want to take your pic and at the end, you can look at it. 
You can also buy it or they have packages. 
We did not purchase but I did go on the site and did a screen shot. 
It was a pretty good pic. 

She loves AMERICA!! 

It was past time for lunch. We went over to Bride Street and ate at Red Robin YUMMMM! 

I had a Garden Burger and Broccoli. I was going to splurge and eat something else but I am kinda hooked on eating healthy. 
I did eat a few fries and a couple of bites of Jamie's big juicy burger. 

Then we enjoyed just walking around outside, it was so pretty.

We had a great time!! 

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