Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun day with Cousins

It is finally warm enough to get into bathing suits and have some water fun.  I had bought the girls a sprinkler to put on the trampoline and you would not believe it...........IT HAD A HOLE IN IT. But that did not stop the girls from having fun. I sprayed them with the water hose and used different settings. I think they enjoyed that more than they sprinkler anyways. 

After some fun in the sun and playing, it was watermelon time. Sophie Clare has to eat everything on the side. She has a tooth on the bottom that just will not turn loose. 

After we hung out a bit, the girls wanted to go back to the railroad tracks.  It has not rained in a while so the water was down enough to wade and do some walking down the creek. 
It is so pretty down in there. 

A super fun day is always had when all the girls are together!! 

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