Friday, July 17, 2015

Out and About With My Girl

Our Summer has pretty much consisted of swimming all day and every day. 
I talked this one into going to the mall one day. 

Needless to day, she enjoyed herself. 

She had mentioned that she wanted a purse.She had a certain style she wanted. We started at Belk's We search all over and nothing. Finally I said let's walk in Sears and just see what they have. Sophie Clare was determined that they would not have it either. GUESS WHAT?? They had just what we were looking for. It is by Lily Bloom and is made from recycled water bottles. Which I thought was really neat. Sophie Clare did too. She said it's a really special purse. ;-) 

Then we head to eat lunch by the river. 

Then it was off to Academy

When we got home, she asked if I could close her up in this box?? 
Um I think your to big silly girl!! 

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