Friday, July 17, 2015

Tigers For Tomorrow

One Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to Tigers for Tomorrow. To live as close as we do, this is something we have never done.  
Sophie Clare wanted me to take a pic of her and her friends. 
Justin, Mack and Sister. 

You could not take pics of the animals or anything else for that matter.  We saw lots of lions, tigers and bears.....OH MY.  Boris was one of our faves. He was a really old lion with attitude. He would growl and roar at us.  They also had a snake inside the gift shop that was 12 feet long and was not finished who would want that around??  

I snapped this pic as we were leaving. ;-) 
They also had a camel, zebra, goats, chicken, turtles and a couple of rabbits. 

When we left, I wanted to stop and take a few pics of Sophie Clare at Wills Creek Vineyard. 

I got a lot of fake smiles.

This is not even a smile! 
2 dogs were coming up behind me and Sophie Clare was very unsure. 

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