Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Day and Coming Home

Our last day is always a little sad to me.
 I want it to last forever. 

This girl brings so much joy to my life!! 

Playing with her sweet friend Shadda Claire

Doing a little riding at the beach.

We ended up having to call it a day early. 
A big rain came in! 

No filter needed on this pic. 

We were able to actually watch the rain come in. 

Sophie Clare showing baby the weather. 

We decided to get a bite to eat since it was raining. 
So back to Live Bait we go! 

The rain stopped and it ended up being a nice evening. 

On our way out Saturday morning Sophie Clare wanted me to take a pic of the palm trees. 

And bless her, she was very sad when we left. 

She actually snoozed a little on the way home. 

We made one last fun stop before heading on in. 

It was a great trip! 

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