Friday, October 2, 2015

Girl Time At The Falls

Since school has started me and this girl has not had our girl time like we like.  Last week on Wednesday, they had am early release day. We took full advantage and went to the Falls.  She had been wanted to go for a while but it has just been so hot.  Thankfully it was cooler and we got to go. 

We had such a fun time exploring the old cabins. 
I was sad to see that they had taken down the school. 

My little queen of my world! 

When did she get so big??
 I guess that is what 1st grade does to ya.

Feeding the goats was oodles of fun. 
Thankfully it is hay now and not scrap veggies.  

They had the sweetest little bitty new born bunnies. 

Mr. Lemur was a busy little guy.  He bounced everywhere.  When he jumped the first time, it scared Sophie Clare. 

Oh that sweet sweet face! 

We played in the fat man squeeze for a bit and she did lots of climbing while I watched. 

After playing on the playground, we enjoyed a Key Lime frozen treat from Frios. 

And on the way home my little bugaboo decided to take some selfies. 

I just want to enjoy every minute I can with her.
 Time is passing and I don't want to miss a thing! 

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