Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Mononucleosis

Wednesday We are backing it up to Thursday night, November 5.  Sophie Clare got up and complained a bit with her throat hurting and her neck hurting. She did not feel bad enough to stay home so I sent her on.  I told a couple of teachers to keep an eye on her because I was going to Birmingham.  My dad was home to go get her but we never got a call. So I was hoping she would be fine. When I got home, she was riding the 4- wheeler smiling. Needless to say, her throat and neck still hurt plus she had a fever. 

The next morning, this is how my baby was.
 She was sick. 

We went to the dr and and she did not even wear shoes. 
She felt so bad that she did not want to walk. 
The tested her for strep and it was positive.  Antibiotic should do the trick. My girl will be up and at it before no time. 
  After the dr she wanted to ride by the Turk Farm. 

We made the most of the day by watching tv, playing with play doh and just being together. 

The next day she was pitiful.  We had 3 doses of meds in her......

why was she still running a fever?? 
Why was she lifeless on the sofa? 

All day on Saturday this is how she was..............

or she was sleeping. 

Saturday night, I thought we were feeling better. 
She asked for a snack and that was huge. 

Sunday it was back to the dr. 
We went to our pediatrician and I was ready for some answers. 
They did a flu test, blood work and a mono test. 

It was mono!!! 

We have no idea where she got it. 

It broke my heart to see how sick my poor baby was!  
I was bound to find something to help her. I used my Young Living oils the best way I knew how and research some other ways. 

Monday was probably the worse day ever for her! 

She still had a little humor about her. 
She said look mom, I can sleep eat. haha 

We would go from this to 


On Tuesday I called the chiropractor,  I was grasping at anything that would make my baby feel better.  
They told me a few things to do with my YOUNG LIVING OILS. 
1. Rub Lemon and Frankincense down her spine. 
2. Diffuse Tea Tree Oil, Lemon and Thieves
3. Rub Thieves, Oregano, RC, and Eucalyptus on the bottom of her feet. 
They also recommended  Sovereign Silver. 
My dad went and picked it up for me. 

After doing all that, by Wednesday morning the fever broke and my baby was on her way to being her healthy self again. 

This was Wednesday......I was starting to see a twinkle in her eye. 

We played some games and she was silly! 
That made my heart happy. 

She wanted to get out and ride around. 

By that night her sparkle in her eye was back!! 

Thursday morning she had been fever free for 24 hrs.  
She pretty much seem back to normal.

We did have to go back to the dr for them to recheck her. 

Catching up on the on a little reading while waiting. 

She was healed and we got to go have some fun!! 
I wanted run to Hobby Lobby and she wanted to go to the mall.
 So we did both!
 We had a great time!! 

She wanted a comic book so thankfully we found one that was age appropriate for her! ;-) 
You can tell she is getting tired but she was awesome!! 

 So we were back to school on Friday for a half day! ;-) 

Thank you SOOOO MUCH for those that checked on her, offered to get stuff for her and most of all the prayers! 

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Bama Girl in TX said...

what an ordeal! Poor baby! So happy to hear she is feeling better!

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