Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Sophie Clare


The Elf decided to make his grand entrance for Sophie Clare's birthday.   

She had told me that she wanted birthday muffins
but decided she wanted chicken fingers and chips. 

Her birthday was on a Sunday and what better way to celebrate our blessing. 

Her birthday lunch was her choice and that was at Lion's Den.  

We ran into sweet Charlie and the rest of the family. 

Farrah joined us for her birthday lunch along with Gann Gann, pop, Uncle Alton and Aunt Rita. 

Her usual........Chicken fingers, green beans and mac and cheese. 

One of her favorites it strawberry ice cream from Jacks. 

We were off to get her a brand new shiny bike. 
That is all she wanted for her birthday. 

When we got home, Farrah came to play. 
They were so sweet and had the best time. 

She also had a request for a cookie cake. ;-) 

She had a great birthday weekend. 
The next morning she still thought it was her birthday. 
She wanted birthday muffins and that is what she got. 

Cookies for her class. 

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