Monday, April 25, 2016

Easter Fun Saturday

Our Easter fun started with Thursday night at church. We helped stuff egg for the egg hunt and had a glow in the dark cross hunt. Sophie Clare found the most and won a prize. 

On Sturday, I wanted to take Sophie Clare to get her picture made with the Easter bunny. Her little years are passing by so quickly. 

After that and some lunch, we headed to the egg hunt at church. Sophie Clare had the best time and was in full fast mode. 

Oh she is just my sunshine. 
 She is such a huge blessing! 

look at all those eggs she found.

4 little cousins all in a row. 
Carver 4
Charlie 2
Sophie Clare 7 
Braden 7

After the egg hunt, the Easter fun was not over. We had to dye eggs. She is so big, she pretty much just did it all on her own. I just got to hang out and enjoy her company. 

It was a great Saturday. 

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