Monday, April 11, 2016

Gatlinburg with the Family

The 3rd weekend in February, 15 members of the family headed to Gatlinburg.  It was oodles of fun but we now know that we will stay in a big huge cabin the next time.  
Sophie Clare was super happy about her cousins being there. She asked 10000000 times where they were at and her Gann Gann and Pop.

On another note this was Sophie Clare's first time to go to Gatlinburg.  I have some really great memories of going with the entire family.  
And I hope that we can keep this up for our kiddos. 

We were hungry and ate at Burger King, not what any of us really wanted but that was the only choice...................until we finished eating and drove about 10 mins and there were all kinds of yummy stuff.  Oh well, Sophie Clare loved her crown. ;-) 

As soon as we got there, we walked downtown for a bit. 

Back to unload the car with my little princess. 

Then it was back downtown. 

We finally got to meet up with some of the gang. 
This is my dad, brother and hubs. 

These girl were super happy they were finally together.  

And they love a good icy! 

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Calhoun's. 

They next morning everyone was ready to get the day started.  It was a little rainy and yucky but we made the most of it. 

These girls are planning out the day. 

After breakfast, we went to ride the Alpine coaster.  I did not ride because I did not want to ride by myself. But I am glad Sophie Clare rode and LOVED IT!! 

We have come to the conclusion that Noccalula  Falls needs one of these. 

Next stop the candy store.  Sophie Clare thinks that you just get a bag and fill it as full as you want. Lot of  explaining on that one. 

Just look at that little photo bomber!! 

Sophie Clare has been wanting a swim shirt for a while. She was so excited when we found her one!! Gracie needed one to of course and these girls had a blast in the jacuzzi tub.  

Later that night, we went to Fannie Farkles. 
We enjoyed corn dogs and games. 

Sunday morning our trip came to an end. 
But not before a yummy breakfast.

And the Apple Barn. 

Then a stop by the knife store.

It was a great time and look forward to the next one. 

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