Monday, May 2, 2016

Chattanooga Aquarium

Spring Break was the last week in March.  We hung out at home for the most part. Sophie Clare ended up getting strep again. Although that did not slow her down.  We had plans at the end of the week to go to Chattanooga and have some fun. 

That morning before we left this little missy pulled another tooth. We left the tooth at home and wrote a note to the tooth fairy at our hotel. That was tooth number 6. 

It was pouring down rain when we got to Chattanooga. We swam our way into Chiles for lunch. We were all drenched.  

This was after lunch, thankfully the rain was letting up. 

Our next stop was the aquarium. 

We had a super great time but not something again. We went when Sophie Clare was 2 but she did not remember it so that is one of the reasons I wanted to take her. 

We let her play outside for a while.

She loved climbing! 

Then we walked around downtown for a bit. 

After that it was time for us to find a place to lay our heads. The first place we tried was booked, thankfully the Hampton is had rooms plus an indoor pool. 

We did not have a bathing was our lucky night that Walmart was just across the road. 

She loved swimming and did awesome. She amazes me. 

She said hey take my picture. 

After swimming, it was back to the room with a shower and relaxing time.

We had a big fun day ahead. 

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