Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Early Works - First Grade Field Trip

The first grade field trip was the 15 of April.  These are the little events that I look forward to. It is so fun to watch her with friends. 

We went to Early Works in Hunstville. We had never been so this was a brand new treat. 
There were tons of kiddos and they all look alike with there t shirts on.

She looks a little unsure about this. 

Sophie Clare and her best buddy. 

And her other sweet friend. 

Her class full of boys except for 3 little girls. 

The talking tree...........

Lunch time...........Sophie Clare carries her lunch everyday. I did not think they could carry lunches so I let her eat a sack lunch.  She adapted to the situation and I was very proud of her. 

This tree was so neat. 
It was made of all kinds of different things.
Lots of different fabrics and textures. 

When we finished with the field trip, we........meaning April, Luke, Sophie Clare and myself headed home.  We were all hungry so we stopped and had some mexican.

We had a great time and such sweet memories. 

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