Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day Of 1st Grade

First grade was a great year but went by to fast.  Sophie Clare ate her lunch every day and that was a huge milestone.  She also talked with her teacher and her friends. She loves school and for that I am very thankful for. I hope she always loves it. 

Monday May 23, 2016 was her last day and awards day.
 They had been working on a little song and I could not wait to watch her. 

I'm a little piggy short and stout.........

I did not get any good pics of her during the program.......I could not see her real well.  But I did see that little mouth just singing away. 

She worked hard this year and made all A's and B's.
 I was super proud of her. 

Sophie Clare and her sweet teacher Mrs. Ledbetter

and a few pics with some classmates.

We had a great year!!
Now we are off to 2nd grade.

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