Thursday, July 21, 2016

The `4th Of July

The 4th was nothing but fun!!  
We went to church Sunday morning and dressed in our patriotic attire. 
That is my favorite!! 

After church, I wanted a big juicy hamburger so we went to Ruby's.
 It was so yummy!! 

After lunch, we came home and dug through our fireworks bag. We always have a small stock left over. 

Pop it's are one of her favorites. 

Sparkler Fun! 

On the 4th we cooked out at my aunt's and swam our little hearts out. 

We all had such a fun time!! 

Then it off to get a few more favorites. 

And back to the house for a firework show. 

We first started out at my parents but there was to many trees.  

So we gathered on the bank at my house. 

It was a great show!! 

Everyone loved it! 

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