Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Clean Teeth and Chuck E Cheese Fun

When we got back from the beach it was life slapping us in the face. haha  Back to appointments amd trying to get everything together before school started.  Although, this little girl loves the dentist so it is no bigger to her.  

She has lost a total of 7 teeth and one is dangling by a thread. 
She was cavity free and had a great visit. 

Jamie met us in Trussville after we finished at the dentist and Target.  We had a yummy lunch at Red Robin. 

I told Sophie Clare that I was pretending to be in New York. 

After lunch the fun did not stop, we were off to Chuck E Cheese. 

She wanted to ride the choo choo train and was just about to long for it. 

She made it work and loved it! 

Then it was off to Leeds for a little shopping. Jamie and I are walking along and she is behind me doing this............Hey momma, take my picture.  

It was a good day and fun was had by all. 

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