Friday, August 12, 2016

Sand, Alligators and Crabs

We hit the beach first thing!! 

This girl loves her boogie board and doing tricks! 

Living the good life! 

We came in for lunch for just a bit. 
We headed right back out to the beach. Sophie Clare found her sweet friend!
 They had the best time together! 
They rode the waves, played in the sand..............I love when she makes sweet friends!! 

I did not want to cook, so we got ready to go out. 

We chose to go to Fudpucker's. 
We thought Sophie Clare would enjoy the atmosphere and feeding the alligators.  

She loved feeding them! 

They were hungry little guys. 
Ready to BITE that little nibble of food. 
And did you know that if you are getting chased by an alligator, you should run zig zag. 
Yep, it throws them off. 

I ordered the kids popcorn shrimp and look at that little dino they put on top of my food. haha

After dinner, Jamie dropped us off at the beach for me to do some photos of Sophie Clare. A sweet lady offered to take our picture. 

Absolutely beautiful!! 
No filter, no editing..........Just God's amazing creation. 

This was our view on the back side of the condo. 

After the photo shoot, it was time for crab hunting. 
Sophie Clare was super excited. 

The little crabs were very hard to find. In Gulf Shores, you can find TONS. We found about 4 little ones and this big daddy. 

I love making these fun memories with my girl!! 

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