Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Sophie Clare

How is my tiny little 4 pound 13 ounce baby girl, EIGHT?? 
You are fun, smart, sassy, love to aggravate, observant, strong willed, athletic, full of energy, loves church, loves school, obedient (this varies at home but always with others)  loves to eat, love your baby,  huge imagination, love outside, running, artistic and there is so much more! You are such a joy and I am very blessed to be your mommy!! 

Your birthday was on a Tuesday, I gave you an option of staying home but you wanted to go to school! 

I woke you up singing and very excited for you to see what Elfie had done. 

He has been showing on her birthday for a couple of years now. 
She was very pleased! 

Not much time to party,  it was time to get to school! 

 I took cookie and cupcakes to her class for snack!
 They all enjoyed it very much! 

She only asked for 1 thing and that was fleece lounge pants. 

Yay!! She loved them!! 

 She received some Shopkins at her birthday party and now she has a candy shop to go with it. 

We let her pick what she wanted to do that night for her celebrations. 
She chose to go to the mall. She wanted to play glow in the dark putt putt! 

Then she wanted to jump! 

See Santa..........

and write him letter.

Then it was off to Old Mexico for her birthday dinner. 

She had a great birthday!! 

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