Thursday, January 26, 2017

School Christmas Party

This is a day that I think we are all look forward to. 
It is finally party day and last day of school! 

The class had an ice cream party and they all seem to really enjoy it!  
They were super sweet and had a fun party! 

Oh I love this picture so much!
 She has really opened up at school and is being her  wonderful self! 
So thankful that she loves school! 

She was not to surprised considering she was with me when I bought the gifts! ;-) 

Passing out her little goody bags. 

Kaylin, Sophie Clare and Kaci

Cody and SC

Fransico is new this year and he is such a sweet little boy! 

Carver.......can't believe he is in Kindergarten 

Luke and little buddies!
We had a special afternoon planned for these 2 and Lila of course! 
We had plans for lunch and a play date at the Imagination Place. 

We got there just a little bit early and enjoyed checking out the igloo made out of plastic jugs.
Jugs.........I guess that is what you call them. Water jugs..........milk jugs lol seems like I could find a better word. ;-) 

And just look at that grinch with his booty  sticking out! 

There were several buses on a field trip so we decided to go to the mall. 

They kiddos enjoyed playing the glow in the dark putt putt. 

It is always fun with friends! 

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