Friday, January 27, 2017

Second Grade is HALF Over

It is hard to believe that 2nd grade  is half over! Sophie Clare loves school and for that I am so thankful!  She pretty much looks forward to everyday. 

I forgot to post these so I am adding them in. 

The school sol discount cards and if you sold one card, you are able to participate in a Popsicle party! 

It was fun watching all of them enjoy their free time! 

Some days I take a picture everyday...........I know it's crazy but I never ever want to forget these days. I want to look back and remember how precious these times are! 

Some days we get to pick up sweet cousins! 

And they get to come home with us! 

The bigger the bow the better some days! 

I loved seeing her come to the car in this! She was beyond thrilled to tell me about it! 
Liberty Legacy and Helping Hands 

Yay for Polar Express and PJ day!! 

Another day of sweet cousin fun after school! 

Look at those sweet babies on the ipad...........they have gotten so big!! 

We had a Christmas shop at school and the kiddos could buy for friends and family! 
Sophie Clare even shopped this year!! 
She bought for mom, da, gann gann, pop, Emily, Gracie and Lucy the dog! ;-) 

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