Thursday, March 23, 2017

Girls, Girls, Girls

There is never a dull moment when all the girls are together. They were spending the weekend with us while there parents were out of town. We had a full fun day on Saturday. 

Lunch at Mill Street of course. 

Then off to Albertville to run an errand and get ice cream. 

Trampoline fun! 

Then to the park for a bit of fun. 

This little girl LOVES to run!!  She ran the entire lap with out stopping. 

Then she ran it again! 
She is amazing!! 

This was her time on the first lap. 

3 little monkey!! 
I love them so much! 

Sunday's are super special when your cousins get to come with you. 

After lunch I had to run to Walmart to get some cookies and the girls went with us.  They kept me entertained and was a big help. 

It was a super fun weekend with these girls!! 

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