Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sick Days and Not So Sick Days

This girl does not get down often but when she does it is a complete roller coaster. 

When I took her to the dr she felt fine. 
But throwing up and a fever off and on the day before. 
This was our 2nd trip to the dr.................
no flu or strep..........just viral!! 

We decided we would stop by and enjoy a little breakfast. 



Then by the afternoon, this is how she felt. 

The next day, she felt good most of the day and played. 

Dressed sweet kitty up like a cowgirl. 

We even got out of the house for a bit. 

We ended up with an air mattress and movies for a fun Saturday night. 

Off to lunch we go on Sunday

She has wanted one of the chairs forever!! 
It is by joe boxer and super comfy. 

Snoozing away with sweet kitty. 

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