Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sunday Dinner and The Factory

We hit the ground running when we got back home.
 Church was first then to Los Arcos for lunch.  

I like Los Arcos but Old Mexico is my favorite!! 
She always gets  her picture made with the man at OM and thought she would no break the cycle. 
She tried holding putting her hand up to her mouth but thankfully I caught it before! ;-) Silly girl! 

After lunch, we stopped by to see Natalie for a min. 
Jamie was able to meet Conner Grace for the first time. 

Isn't she just precious!! 

That afternoon, we took the kiddos from church to The Factory! 
They have a new little obstacle course area. 

I even got in on the fun! 

Then off to McDonald's for supper and ice cream! 

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