Monday, August 7, 2017

VBS 2017

Vacation Bible School is one of the high lights of the Summer! 
It is a busy but super fun time! 
We loved decorating this year and Sophie Clare was a pretty good little helper. 

These are a few pics from the first night. 

Braxton has been our little buddy for a while! 
He is such a sweet boy! 

My strong girl! 

School friends! 

Yay Luke is with us!! 

This girl hold my heart in the palm of her hand! 

This was my class and look how many I had.  They are 5 years old with one 3 year old that thought she was as big as they were. 
They were all sweet and full of personality. ;-) 

Loved having Lila in my class. 

I could not have made it without this sweet girl! 
She was my right hand and was great with the kiddos. 

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